The school system is spiraling out of control

In this wealthy country the school system should be perfect and every kid should get education that’s easy to them but that’s wrong. Just like everything the American school system is flawed. You see it all over news headlines or online that the American school system is outdated and just doesn’t work. Students always say “when will I use this in life” and there right most of the things they teach us are pointless but the ignore the things we should learn.

Most of the things we learn is school is pointless to what we need to know. Why aren’t we learning how to parent, first aid, how to help a depressed friend with a mental state but no we need to learn things are pointless for the future. I’m not saying that they should get rid of everything I’m trying to say that they should give a choice on what to learn or add things that are important to school. You shouldn’t force people to learn things they don’t want to learn and that they’ll never use in life.

Schools testing system is doomed for failure and it may drag stuents down with it. Schools only focus on getting an A+ then focus that students learn the information needed. “When Students cheat on exams it’s because our School System values grades more than Students value learning.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson. If the school system was better and focused more on the learning then the grade there would be less cheaters because people would know the information needed.

Schools always raise the bar. If a school has a 100% graduation rate the school system will think oh it’s too easy for them and they’ll keep raising the bar higher and higher. They set strict rules to see if your good enough they don’t even look at the talent you have they just look at you score. If a teacher gave you a choice of an easy project and a hard project most people would chose the easy project because they’re worried about there grade. There giving us goals that are too high.

Now what you do with information is up to you only. there is a video going around right now which gave me inspiration to write this. the video is called don’t stay in school by boyinaband. it expresses why school should teach more useful things and it working. school are having days where they teach more important things the students want to learn. the school system isn’t going to change soon but at least its a start to better education.

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Chapter 6 and 7

6: Brian is so hungry that he keeps eating the berries pit and all until he feels sick from eating so much of them

7: Brian remembers when he saw his mom and the blond haired man kissing in the mall. He remembered every moment in detail and he kept reliving it until he fell asleep

Chapter 3, 4,and 5

3: Brian kept thinking to himself I’m going to die over and over again. He probably was excepting that he could die. He was even imagening it.

4: why was this day so important? Why is his mom in a car with the short blond haired man and who is this man? Is he important to the story?

5: in stead of giving up hope Brian does what he can to live with nothing but the clothes on his back. He even said “you are your most valuable asset. Don’t forget that you are the best thing you have.”

Chapter one

in the book Brian keeps talking about the divorce and the secret. Why are those two things so important that he has to say the over and over again. It seems like it’s bugging him a lot. I understand divorce can be hard but what is really getting to me is this secret. It most be very important for the author to wave it our faces over and over again.

Chapter 2

In the story when the guy had a heart attack he just starts flying the plane. If I were in his shoes I’d just flip out and forget everything the pilot showed me. I’d just except it was my death or something like that but he just kept going. Just imagine yourself in his shoes wouldn’t it be terrifying?

Summary of “Stuttering Dosent Hold Me Back”

Bella Negron is a stutterer. Even if she does stutter she still the same as you and me. She goes to forever 21, plays minecraft, and hangs out with her family like everyone else. She does have a lot of problems too. People think she’s shy or faking it so they bully her a lot. Just when she thought she felt she was alone so found SAY. SAY or stuttering association for the youth help stutters sing,dance,act, and recite speeches. Thanks to SAY she has lots for friends and she doesn’t feel alone anymore. She’s even brave enough to go up on stage and sign. That is the summary for ” stuttering Dosent Hold Me Back”.

anime is love anime is life

anime is my life. it is true I am an otaku and a weeaboo but its who I am. anime gives me an escape from all my problems like if your boyfriend just broke up with you watch something like nichijou to cheer you up. it always helps me out with my problems. it also connects me with other people all around the world. we’re all bothers and sisters to each other. anime isn’t just some kids show and we need to grow up. how is watching your wife die at childbirth or having your friends being killed childish. anime gives us stories with meaning an adventure you get to take with them even though you’re not a character. that is why I love anime and I hope this clears some things up for some people.

Black out

If there was no power in my country I’d probably cry in a corner because I would lose all my online friends and they are very percious to me but then I’d just suck it up and hope it comes back on. I’d probably go to the library a lot just to get some manga and some books to entertain myself. I’d keep my iPod in my boot or in my pocket just in case power gets back on. I wouldn’t be able to listen to music because everything I use to listen to music needs power. My dad would be very upset with that. I guess to make music me and my sister could play songs for each other. I know a lot of songs for my flute and my sister has songs for her violin. That’s probably what would happen. Hopefully the power would get back on so I could see my online friends again.


If my family was stranded on an island my sister would flip out. She would have no internet and that’s her life so she would go crazy. We’d have to invent new games to play. One would be try not to die in your sleep or something stupid like that. We could tell stories that we saw on TV or in a book to keep us entertained as well. It would be really hard to do anything else. We just have our close so I can’t read books or play my flute. It would be a nightmare but we’d still have each other and that’s all that matters. That’s what would happen if my family were stranded on an island with nothing but our close.

Anne Frank

Anne found courage through the diffcult years of hiding in several ways. Anne after everything going on outside she was found. Everything that happened to her wrote in her diary to give us a door way to what she saw. She held on to her dreams of being a writer and didn’t let them go. In the article “The Girl Who Lived Forever” By Kristen Lewis she says “her diary has given voice to those silenced by the Holocaust” to show her diary has given hope to many people over the years. Anne’s story will live on.